About Us

- Learn about who we are and why we love photography

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Erica and I love people. We sincerely enjoy celebrating their lives, experiences, and ideas.

Weddings are so eloquent and meaningful. How can one not enjoy them? Weddings have romance, dancing, and cake!

While there are so many talented photographers out there, we truly feel that, as married photographers, we bring an edge and uniqueness to our clients. We work in sync with one another seamlessly. Not only are we passionate about our photography, but we strive to make a friendship and connection with our clients.

Erica's photography is so creative and her personality so adaptive. She captures the details and hidden moments. She's also known as the enforcer when it comes time to getting the family photos done efficiently. Erica will often run up to me bragging how she just captured the "shot of the day". This then presses me to come up with something equal or better. She is constantly making us better people and photographers.

I enjoy the technical aspect of photography; having the soft focus backgrounds and natural light enveloping our subjects. Also, employing wireless flashes to back-light our brides and grooms has given us tremendous results. The fun for myself continues in our post production results as I enhance each image individually.

The bottom line is that we bring our A game every time. Erica and I consistently give our best allowing the results to speak for themselves: ecstatic clients, exquisite photography, and memories to last a lifetime. 

So, ready to move forward? Call us or take the time to meet up with us, let us show you what we have to offer. Either way, Erica and I truly hope to meet and be a part of your wedding!

info@brandonerica.com - 949.280.1222